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House M.D.
You MUST rate others!

This is a stamping community for the Hit television show, House M.D. Just as every other Stamping Community, there are some House rules that need followed:

First off, you have to join the community. All you must do is fill out the application. After seven people have commented on your application or after one week posted, responding as to who you are most like- you will be stamped as that member.

You may start voting right away, you do not need to be stamped first in order to achieve posting rights, but you must be a member of the community.


Dr. Gregory House
Dr. James Wilson
Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Dr. Allison Cameron
Dr. Robert Chase
Dr. Eric Foreman
Lawyer Stacy Warner
Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Dr. Chris Taub
Dr. Thirteen

[I make the stamps myself, though if you'd like to help out, message me. I'd be more then grateful.]

Once you have received all of your comments and are stamped by myself, you get a picture that's special! YAY! Then save the stamp to your own server. Do not hot link. This is a direct insult to myself and other artists who have made our beautiful stamps.

Regarding the stamps: Although I choose to use one stamp, there are a few different versions available. I will most likely choose the one that fits you.

Rules you MUST follow:

Don't provoke me. I'm not a person you want to play around with. As our friend, Doctor House would say. "I've got a cane, and I know how to use it."

Spamming is a no no. Don't have conversations in the applications! I know sometimes you just feel compelled to say something to another member, but it takes up room, and time. Send them a message or something to this sort. You may however post anything in regards to House M.D. Or the cast. Nothing off topic.

First Time: Warning
Second Time: Clinic Duty
Third Time: You Are Removed and 'Banned' from my Community. Trust me, you wont want to come back anyhow. xD;

Copy and paste this exact application in your entry. The title of your entry MUST be "God doesn't limp." This way I know you have read all of my little rules. Anything that Does NOT say this will be ignored and deleted by myself.

You must use lj cut.

Have you been stamped before, if so- who were you stamped as?:

Age [No one under thirteen years old. House rules]:
Do you have a best friend? If so, how long have you been friends for?:


Impulsive or Think Things Through:
Outgoing or Shy:
Mature or Immature?:
Leader or Follower?:
Optimistic or Pessimistic:
Favorite Class in school (even if you’ve graduated):

-Please List No More Than fifteen of Each-Favorite Movies:
Favorite Musicians and/or Musical Groups:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Television Shows:



House Related Questions

Who is your favorite character, and why?:
Do you have a favorite episode? If so, what?:
Do you have a favorite quote? Care to share?:
Do you have a favorite House accessory-- and yes, besides the cane.:
If you were sick, would you want House as your doctor?:
Do you trust Dr. House?:
Which character do you identify with most? This can include a patient.:

What is your non-House favorite quote?:

--This is not a must, but it would be appreciated, include a picture?--


Please continue visiting this community after you are stamped, you're my ducklings after all. No quitting on me, only I can fire ya. ;)

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