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SK // Rekka // Hermes // Mercury [userpic]
God doesn't limp...at least, not when I see him.
by SK // Rekka // Hermes // Mercury (sk_chan)
at April 10th, 2008 (11:38 pm)

current mood: curious

Canes can be useful...for walking, inflicting pain on unsuspecting passerbys, and other daily uses.Collapse )

God doesn't limp.
by ThexHeretic_xxx (thexheretic_xxx)
at March 16th, 2008 (05:03 pm)

current location: Room.
current mood: tired
current song: The Fad - Chevelle

House_Pants [userpic]
by House_Pants (house_pants)
at March 14th, 2008 (07:50 pm)

current mood: productive
current song: Watching the Office.

RobertCollapse )

House_Pants [userpic]
Hello everyone.
by House_Pants (house_pants)
at March 14th, 2008 (03:05 pm)

Hello fellow House fans, it's me-- the monitor. I'd just like to welcome you-- and remind you all to read the rules before applying. I am working on the stamps now, and can not wait to start this off. Thank you for reading.

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